Group Buying, also known as collective buying, means purchasing products and services at lower prices when a certain number of buyers agree to buy them together.
Sure, it’s simple! Websites like Adbeat, majestic, similarweb, spyfu and MOZ offer digital advertising tools. These can greatly benefit your business but cost around $3000-$5000 per month if you buy them individually. We give you access to all these tools for less than $75 per month!
SEO and IM tools can be very costly, making them unaffordable for small online business owners. Some users only need to do one task, so they don’t require unlimited use. Others want to test these tools before committing to a dedicated account. That’s why they opt for group buying.
We buy fully legal accounts without violating any rules. However, most SEO tools providers allow more than one user per account to increase sales. This makes Group Buying a “GrayHat” practice. But rest assured, at Seotoolsgb, we don’t sell or resell any copyrighted tools. We’re simply a group pooling our funds to buy the tools we need for our online businesses.
Thanks to Portable chrome, we can all use the same account from different PCs at the same time.
For safety reasons, we don’t share the password publicly. All passwords are safely stored. However, if you urgently need direct access, we can provide the password for our annual plan users ONLY
We use a single proxy to keep accounts safe. We’ll provide you with a pre-configured Portable Chrome that uses the same proxy, ensuring we all log in with the same IP address.
We don’t use cheap proxies like other GBs. Ours are installed on a dedicated server costing us $150 per month and come with a 10G dedicated port link from top cloud server provider. This guarantees great speed all the time!
We prioritize security. Unlike other GBs, we don’t allow just anyone to join to prevent potential security breaches. Most of our clients are SEO agencies, Freelancers, and Companies who rely heavily on these tools, so we ensure they’re always functional.
For security reasons, we don’t publicly disclose our tool list and plans. Please contact us at [email protected], and we’ll provide you with the updated list and associated plans.
As we focus on security and service quality, we verify each potential user before allowing them to join. This helps us prevent any issues that could affect the group buy.
We provide a subscription service giving you access to many tools, not selling individual tools. You get access to all the tools we offer, and we’re continually adding more.
Yes, we do. But it’s limited to one project for our annual plan users
Please email us at [email protected] or contact us through the website. After verification, we can discuss how you can join us.
We offer a comprehensive set of tools, super-fast proxy, 24/7 support, regular addition of new tools, guaranteed 100% uptime, and compatibility with both MacBook and Windows. We believe you’ll be more than satisfied with our service.

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